The Return of Summer


Photo by Jyoti

It’s a beautiful day here at Elkenwolf Retreat. The light is dancing magically on the water and it finally feels like summer again. I had to move a few times from sun to shade to sun again, trying to find the perfect spot, the perfect temperature, the perfect view…then finally I settle on the little green bench in a sea of oxeye daisies overlooking Reflection Cove.


I am welcoming this gentle breeze that brings coolness after soaking in the heat of the sun. It makes me happy this return of summer, even if it is just for today. It is lovely to let it tickle all my senses. I go from being fully in the moment drinking in the beauty of my surroundings to the sweet memories of past summers in many different places that I have lived: the summers of my childhood in the Rhineland of Germany filled with riding my bicycle most summer days to the swimming pool or lake, summers in the Canadian Rocky Mountains when I first immigrated, later on Castle Mountain in the Boundary Country of BC where I raised my sons, summers in the beautiful city of Victoria, BC and many other places and now here on Cortes Island. Each chapter filled with many experiences some long forgotten, some etched in my memory as if it was yesterday.

When I think of summer I think of flowers, ice-cream, swimming in cool refreshing water, gentle warm winds, butterflies, hummingbirds and dragon flies, starry nights and beautiful sunsets. I feel like I am being filled with the wonder of it all again and again. Last night the moon surprised me on my late evening walk with Frodo. There it was peaking through the trees beckoning me to meet it out at sea. I talked myself out of it feeling too tired. Later laying in bed I wished I had gone. The water was so still. It would have been perfect for a nighttime paddle. Next time I hope I will say “Yes!”



What is one of your favourite summer memory or moment?


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