Monthly Archives: March 2014



Ever since the creation of this website/blog, I knew that it wasn’t quite right or finished. It had been created with some of my own limitations and fears and with the rule, norms and limitations of the old paradigm in mind, giving only glimpses of something new. I’ve come back over and over trying to redo it in the last year, but never getting anywhere. I was stuck.

This morning I woke up with clarity of what “Drawing Back the Curtain” is really about. It is asking me to go beyond my fears, beyond where I’ve been stuck to a place of love.  It’s like standing on the stage of my life, and it is time to draw back the curtain to show up and express Who I am without hiding those parts of me that I fear will not be valued or will be labeled as New agey or flaky.

In 2012 I left my job on the Sunshine Coast and came back to Victoria, BC to try something new to me and out of the box for most. After years of attuning to energy and vibration I felt called to offer Vibrational Activation and Alignment as we are shifting to a higher tone vibration. In each session I allowed myself to be guided. It reminded me of fine-tuning an exquisite musical instrument. It was effortless and divinely beautiful. Yet it isn’t something you can see with your eyes or perceive with your normal senses. For this one you have to go beyond the physical. I found it hard to explain to people what I was doing or what the benefit is. P1090509And as I could not make a living with it, I once again had to get a job. In a way it felt like stepping back in time or into the old paradigm. The “New” was put back into the closet. But my soul’s prompting of preparing a space and getting my massage table and things back out of the closet and the unexpected request for a session have led me to this moment in time where once again I am called to step through one of my greatest fears: writing. Even though I have written journals all of my life, this is new to me, letting others into my world in this way.

As I am watching the blossoms in the garden open each day and offer their beauty to the world, I am taking a deep breath and post this as my first blog, hopefully the first of many.