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In the Flow

March 10, 2014-Magical Creek

I knew the moment I woke up on this beautiful Monday morning with the sun shining brightly and the world outside already busy with people coming and going to wherever they need to go, that the time has come for me to finally write another blog post. I am aware of the presence of this gentle knowing that it is time and the usual loud and critical voices of fear are silent.

Life has been busy and preoccupied with trying to figure out how to live and be in alignment with my own true nature. There have been many lessons and experiences along the way as well as time for deep listening and asking for guidance when I could not see the path I needed to take.

In the end it became clear that I had to make a big change and jump off the edge without a safety net. I knew that I could no longer do the work I was doing that made most of my living and that I had to choose the path of being in alignment over security and trust that I will be taken care of as well as trust in my own ability to create the life that I want that allows me to be free to express more of my gifts and who I am.

The moment arrived when I had to actually do what I already knew. And as I walked out of the office after I had just given notice, my cell phone rang: a friend was looking for someone to help out with the care of an elderly woman. I had hoped to take some time off before Christmas to figure out the next step and it had not been my idea to do more care-giving type work. But the timing of this intrigued me. My sense was that the Universe is sending this for a reason. So I checked it out and very much enjoyed meeting both the elderly woman and her family and agreed to take on some shifts with the intention to choose my days and hours carefully listening to the deeper part of me of what is in alignment with me and what is not.

However before I could start with any work I got sick and had to put everything on hold for weeks. Once again I found myself having to let go of any resemblance or thought of security and be in the midst of uncertainty and constant change. In that process I learned a deep trust in the flow and became excited about life again with its’ unlimited potential and possibilities. The “not knowing” became exciting. Today this flow has brought me to this very moment where I am doing something I have been dreaming of doing for a long time:

Writing for the love of it!