Monthly Archives: March 2015

Awake In Me


Photo by Elke Finley

At the beginning of March I started a new drop-in movement & sound practice for women on Friday mornings, which I am very excited about. It is a gentle way to get in touch with how our bodies want to move in their own natural way and rhythm and what it feels like to move freely as well as allow ourselves to give voice to sounds and songs that come from deep within.

It has been evolving ever since. We started with a theme called “New Beginning” on our first Friday morning practice, where a small group of women created an amazingly deep and beautiful energy field. This was followed by “Blossoming”, where we opened to the potential of an unopened Magnolia bud, which reminded us of our own potential that wants to blossom and moved our bodies to our own inner wisdom. We read poetry that deeply moved us on the inside and outside, and let our voices be heard by chanting together and singing soul songs, letting them arise from deep within. Last Friday our theme was “Flow” and I had asked everyone to bring something that they would like to share and express. I was so surprised and delighted by the creativity and choices of what each participant brought to the circle and also the gentle way we held space for one another.

Our theme for this week is “Offering”. Again I am asking everyone to bring in something they want to share, so that we can practice showing ourselves more fully and bringing our gifts to the world, allowing our bodies to put what we share into movement or sound or both. It is an opportunity to learn to trust our intuition, deeply sensing, feeling, discovering how our bodies want to move and what sounds want to be expressed through us. It is playful, yet at the same time goes deep into the mystery of ourselves.

So if you are a woman and you would like to freely express that which is awake in you, come out and try this by joining us on a Friday morning in the Victoria, BC area. Please look at my Awake In Me page for more information.