Return, Return, Return


P1190884Waking up to Kingfisher’s loud and distinct rattling call, I opened my eyes to see what was going on. The little ducks, that come to stay in the bay and grace us with their presence every winter, have returned and for some reason this is either not to Kingfisher’s liking or perhaps he is just very excited that they are back to keep him company during the darker winter months. As he is announcing their arrival to the whole world, I watch him fly low over the ducks from shore to tree and back again, over and over while rattling away.

This summer to my delight I was lucky enough to capture three of them sitting together on the rope by the dock, a favourite resting place in the mornings, after diving in and out of the water many times for their breakfast. But lately I have seen only the one coming to sit there, pruning itself in the sunlight after the morning swim and meal.

P1170257Looking at the Kiwis lying on the table being kissed by the early morning sun, it is hard to describe the joy I feel looking at their fuzzy bodies and also felt while I was picking them as the snow was coming down in silent reverence a few days ago. Standing on the ladder twisting and turning to get those hard to reach treasures, while icy cold drops from the leaves dripped on my face and neck, running down and making me shiver with aliveness, I could feel joy spreading inside and filling me, as I picked one by one and carefully placing them in my basket.

These old Kiwi vines are a huge tangled mess and I had to laugh when my hat kept getting pulled off by the branches and pretty soon my long hair also got tangled in the vine, making it at times impossible to move. It felt good to laugh out loud, slowly untangling myself and filling the basket with so much abundance. It wasn’t lost on me as I freed my hair of how it was reflecting the untangling that is happening in my own life. Now seeing the hundreds of kiwis lying on the table, I feel awe and gratitude for Mother Nature’s incredible generosity and teachings.

P1200005While picking the fruit I was singing a favourite song I learned in choir: “The Earth, the air, the fire, the water….return, return, return!”  Standing on that ladder while snow and rain were taking turns to awaken me, I couldn’t help but hear the elements around me calling to become truly present: Return! Return! Return!

As my awareness deepened, I saw pictures in my heart’s eye of how we used to honour and celebrate together the elements, the seasons, the sun, moon and stars, and our mother…how we used to dance together around the fires celebrating all that sustains life and how deeply connected and intertwined we were with life itself.

The earth, the air, the fire and the water are singing their invitation to all of us to return, return, return…




12 thoughts on “Return, Return, Return

  1. Victor Van Buskirk

    Elke I feel your Joy, like a Raven feeling the Sky, when you offer up such precious homage to Creation. As you share, from your ever-brimming well of Gratitude, this awakening two legged is inspired to share more fully from his. Your kinetic communion with the natural world is both profound and humbling. Ecstatic reverence comes to heart, so evident through your Divine romance with language and nature and also photographically when you wed the wonders that attract your attention with the focus you then give them. It truly feels like I have picked kiwi with you in your enchanted garden or sat at that sun swept seaside celebrating the winged ones. Great writing is like that, please continue! I have read all your Posts with much anticipation and sweet delight and am now moved to tell you, in the above words, how much they have meant to me adding that when you are Drawing Back The Curtain many of us are right there with you.
    I am sure Grand Mother Muse is delighted.
    Victor Van Buskirk

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  2. Laughing Butterfly

    You truly have a wonderful way with words Elke and I always look for your captivating photos whenever you have a new Post. Thank You!!

    Yet what I most admire about your Blog is the way you fuse,the way you bring together both those creative crafts and then somehow, have them waltz Soulfully through your heart and onto the page for us to be blessed and/or challenged by. In other words you offer us what is true for you, from a particular experience, not what you want us to believe is true, the latter is so very different and upsets me as it happens too often.

    Challenged in the sense that you often speak to facing your fears and as a culture we certainly are doing anything but that. Yet I have also noticed with much respect, having the good fortune to have seen dozens of your Posts, that you are also willing to face Love. Some of us, myself included, have more trouble facing Love than fear. I know many hard core adventurer types that would rather climb Everest than face Love when it shows up and it always shows up.

    I seldom respond to Blogs but yours has a quality that calls me to attention.

    You have mentioned previously that you live by the ocean so I wanted to share something personal to honour what you have been doing with Drawing Back The Curtain and also to honour all of us who brave the weather of change as we grow as loving people in a world so needing to know it’s, and our own, real life force.

    This last post of yours was called The Ancient Ones and it held me in a different way than the others because I have never been to Hawaii. I live on the wet coast of Canada and like you, also on a small gulf island and lately I have been seeking clarity and integrity in my thoughts for reasons I won’t get into.

    I will say that while I was meditating on the beach this morning with eyes, ears, nose and heart open, the love force of nature greeted me more wonderfully than I can remember. It started with 3 beautiful ducks flying from west to east just above me and their flapping wings sounded a little like fireworks taking off into the sky before they burst. Then as I was really in a tender zone a large loon appeared a hundred feet from me and called out, a greeting perhaps, no mate in sight. Then two seals, curious about this person on a remote beach, floated and fished about the same distance from shore, then it was the raven’s turn to introduce herself and then right beside me a little flicker type of bird began singing her song of love to life and I heard it, oh did I ever hear it.

    So to the point. Your post The Ancient Ones came to mind right afterward and then sitting in the sanctity of nature I was asked to enter the sea. Excuse me?? Now last I heard you were in Hawaii and monsoon or no monsoon, on that sacred hill you are staying and especially down at the ocean, I would guess it is not 1 degree Celsius in dense fog. “What”, I said, “You want me to do what.?” I shook it off and went back to our house and got ready for a lunch I had been invited too. Upon my return from “town” with two sweet hand made Christmas gifts for my Grandchildren ….the Voice returned…. “Salt Water Cleanse” I would not say it was relentless but it’s presence was profound. So I listened for a while longer and remembered I had asked for clarity recently and this Voice was crystal clear, “Go into the ocean”.
    Now there are folks who swim in cold water in these parts but very few will have the reaction I did many years ago when I did my first and last Salt Water Cleanse at a Men’s Retreat. I ended up in my sleeping bag for two hours trying to get warm. I mention this to shed light on my extreme resistance to cold or cool water. I mean I have a hard enough time getting into the ocean in the hottest days of summer.

    So I can’t now make this long story short but ta da, I faced my fear and I did so with Love. Love for that part of me willing to surrender to Spirit. No sleeping bag needed this time, just a strong, okay not that strong, desire to try it is a daily practice to fortify my willingness to experience difficult transitions and to help cleanse those parts of me that do not serve Love. Oh and the hot bath was a bonus.

    Thanks again Elke for you Inspiring Blog… it affects people, it sure did me!!


    Laughing Butterfly



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