Vibrational Alignment

Heart Space

Art by Dancing Wolf


After many years of exploring and allowing energy that was moving through me I was finally ready and felt called to be a channel of Divine Love and offer this to those who would be called to it.

It is a process where I open myself to Divine Love and allow this sacred energy to flow through me and out of my hands, where it takes over the movement of my hands as it is dancing with another’s vibrational field. It brings into alignment areas that are blocked or weak and activating a new tone or vibration, as we shift into a higher consciousness.

This is a very gentle process, unique with each client, where love is present moving us to be fully embodied without resistance, and so experience a state of well-being and authentic self.

If you want to know more about this process please e-mail me at

2 thoughts on “Vibrational Alignment

  1. Alison Strickland

    I have been honoured with the gift of Elke’s sacred energy. For me the experience has allowed a connection to the energy that flows around me. It took me into visions of myself and aligned me on the path I must walk. The process allowed for my energy to align and connect with my spirit guides and ancestors. It has activated an awakening of sorts. This treatment has changed my life and a new beginning has been set before me. Elke was professional, thoughtful and kind and I would have no problem recommending her to anyone called to this form of treatment. She has an amazing gift and I am blessed that she has come into my life.
    Always, Alison Strickland


  2. Marie Chemel

    Elke’s work is profound, beautiful and subtle. I’m still amazed at how deep this journey has taken me, how clear all the messages, and how much love I’ve received! Each session I had with her was a true journey into my body, spirit and soul. Elke is a channel of pure, white healing Light. I trust her completely. I felt supported and taken care of by her in every way, big or small. I can’t find a more appropriate image than that of a thousand small, loving hands working on me, realigning, shifting things around and delivering a message of unconditional love. I felt a deep sense of release and of letting go, and a new power at the core of my being. Elke has a true gift for love, and the fact that she is willing to share that gift is a blessing. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
    Marie Chemel



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