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Dancing With Possibilities


A dear friend of mine told me about a great and simple idea, that got me really excited. She told me that she changed the title of her ‘To Do List’ to ‘Possibilities‘. As soon as I heard this, my whole being lit up. Wow! Imagine for a moment the word ‘Possibilities’ at the top of your To Do List!  For me it changes the whole vibration of it and it brought instant joy instead of resistance.

Now all of a sudden, rather than having endless tasks before me, I have all these possibilities to dance with. All I have to do is choose one. Another important part for me is that it allows me follow my own natural rhythm and choose something that I actually want to do in the moment.

Instead of feeling like I will never get it all done, I now allow myself to also add things that are fun or nourish me in some way but never find the time to do. And no, I don’t just choose the fun things. For me it has changed the mundane or what feels like work into fun. I actually chose cleaning and doing laundry when it felt like the natural thing to do in that moment and to my surprise even finished a few tasks that have been on my list for a very long time.

So interesting how much power words have….and for me the word ‘Possibilities’ has enormous power. It’s worth a try…