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The River Of Creation




Observing the month of May unfold with its bright greens, new blossoms appearing daily and the incredible vibrancy of so many birds adds to the awakening and liveliness all around. The sense of new beginnings fills the air, even if the temperatures still rise and fall, letting us know that trying to predict life and nature is impossible. So why even try!

Yet all is not unfolding as peacefully and harmoniously as the beauty around me suggests. The energy of the Scorpio Full Moon waxing, coming into its full power and now waning, undoubtedly has added to some of the intensity that I have been experiencing.

P1220986While walking out to the bluff the other day, I heard a lot of splashing in our little bay and to my dismay watched as an eagle repeatedly was diving down, attacking a beautiful small duck. I had been observing the little drake for a week or so as it has enchanted me with its peaceful presence. As I rushed to the water’s edge both birds were getting more and more tired, the eagle from repeatedly diving into the water and rising heavily with wet wings and the duck from diving under and barely getting its breath before the next attack. It seemed a matter of who would give up first. I have to admit I was breathing a big sigh of relief when the duck was able to fly away after the eagle retreated to a favourite treetop lookout.

To my surprise the brave little duck came back a couple of hours later, his mate joining him for an evening paddle on the water, before returning to sit on a nest hidden somewhere nearby. I still feel a bit of unease whenever I see one of the eagles sitting in the trees around the bay, especially when the tide is getting low and the drake is all alone on the water.

P1220952The ravens haven’t been happy with the eagles either. They are also nesting again this year after a two year break and their young ones have obviously hatched, according to the noise that goes on up there. My guess is that Mother or Father Raven is bringing some delightful morsel home for the young brood that causes this much noise and excitement. We know from experience that it will only get noisier as they get bigger and believe me, it is not the prettiest sound by far.

However, the raven parents gang up and chase any eagle bravely away if he comes a bit too close for comfort, which obviously benefits the ducks as well. Everyday I observe this kind of life and death drama unfold around me, holding my breath, knowing that every one needs to eat, but still it does not make it any easier to witness.


Making a video with the poem I recorded for the radio show, which I mentioned in my last post, was much more complicated than I had thought it would be. It was also a lot of fun to co-create and see where the river of creation would take this. In the end, all the effort, patience, persistence and surrendering to the process was all worth it, with every challenge an important piece of the creative unfoldment. All of it manifested a deep sense of fulfillment, joy and wonder, as the message of the poem and our love for Nature was guiding us and leading the way.

And now I am finally able to share it with you as promised and hope that this video and my reading of Mary Reynolds Thompson’s beautiful poem “Song Of A Wild Soul Woman” will speak to you and delight and awaken your senses and wild soul:

In response to Daily Prompt: Observe


Almost Open


It’s not every day that Hummingbird brings me a message so loud and clear and this one wants to be shared:

You can look at beauty or you can look at problems. You can’t be immersed in both at the same time. If you choose beauty, you will respond and take care of what needs your attention in the moment with openness and love.

The message was so perfect for me and I decided to get out of my head and instead immerse myself in the beauty all around me. A short while later I discovered that the one and only rose blossom is about to open. The wonder of it all! I can’t imagine a more perfect symbol for beauty.

Wishing you all a beauty-filled day!

Winter Blessings


Happy New Year!!!!

A new year has begun!

As all the warm well wishes for each other have been exchanged and the days are now beginning to get longer again, here at Elkenwolf winter is showing off it’s unique beauty with icy temperatures turning water to magical ice creations that delight the senses, even if feet and hands are hard to keep warm while taking pictures.


As I sit here in the deep silence of winter I wonder what 2017 will bring. Out of nowhere a large bald eagle flies high over Reflection Cove taking my attention from my wandering mind to the giant wings moving in a powerful rhythm like the beat of my heart. It seems to know where it is going.

A week before Christmas, as we were getting ready for a big Solstice event, I saw a bird fly towards our living room window and heard the big bang. It all happened so fast it took a few moments for my mind to register what just happened. My partner was the first to lean over the couch to see a little woodpecker lying with it’s head in the snow underneath the window. I remember walking over reluctantly not wanting to see the hurt or dead bird. The moment I saw it lying there motionless it was clear that I needed to check on it. I pulled on my coat and boots and hurried outside. As I rounded the corner of our deck I saw the bird still lying there motionless, the red feathers startling bright against the white snow. I also saw another woodpecker nearby on the ground, hopping away under the deck as I approached and then flying into a tree close-by.

Picking up the unmoving bird very gently with both of my hands I could feel that it was still alive. It had it’s eyes closed but as I positioned it in my hands it moved it’s feet and held onto my fingers evoking sweet memories of the feel of little bird’s feet of my beloved childhood friend: my budgie Hansi.

elkes%20healing%20touch4The woodpecker’s eyes were tightly closed. I hoped that the warmth of my hands were keeping it warm as I stood there looking for any signs and wondering if it could survive both the hard impact with the window and the shock. I spoke to it softly telling it that I hoped it would recover and fly again. Then I also said that it would be ok for it to let go, if that is what it needed to do and that it was loved.

As I stood there in silence waiting for a response the little woodpecker started to blink its eyes. Not knowing what else to do, I held the woodpecker and waited, watching it continue to blink slowly. Then a call from a nearby bird roused me out of my silent watch and I felt almost prompted to turn towards a bush and crouch down. The moment I did this the little woodpecker pulled its wings out of my hands and flew to the tree just behind the bush. It’s mate immediately joined him there. It hesitated for a few more moments, then to my delight flew to another tree nearby, it’s mate following close behind.

You can probably imagine the joy I felt seeing the two of them fly off together, leaving me with a feeling of deep gratitude in my heart and an awareness of the preciousness of life. One morning a few days later I awoke to a loud familiar drumming sound on the metal roof. Instantly I wondered if it was my little friend sending me a message, that all is well.







Red Pearl



The wind has a different plan for me today. I work part-time at a Natural Food Co-op here on Cortes Island and on Friday mornings we usually get our deliveries. However due to stormy conditions the ferry is not running, which translates into no delivery truck coming over from Quadra Island till the sea gives her permission and allows for traffic to flow once again.

I’ve been wanting to write a new post all week, but something was in the way. I am still not sure what it is, but todays intervention by the wind felt like a sign: it is time to sit down and write regardless of creative blocks or lack of ideas.

It feels good to sit at my desk with my old dog Frodo sleeping peacefully on the round rug behind me, as I watch the trees dance in the wind. Even our normally very quiet bay is restless. I don’t know why, but this movement, this churning, this dance mirrors the sense that something inside of me is moving as well.

All week a book called “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love, has asked me to pick it up and give it my attention. The book is divided into six parts: Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust and Divinity. Each part has many short stories, many about Elizabeth’s own experiences and wisdom gained in her exploration in “Creative Living Beyond Fear”.

I love her incredible persistence and beautiful dedication to living a creative life. Her words speak to a part in me that has wanted to give myself this permission for a very long time. The book has found it’s way to me at the perfect time of my life where many things are shifting, as the slow process of birthing my crone Self is unfolding. Creativity is one of the vehicles for me to fully express this journey and all the hidden gems inside of me. p1130492It is time for me to shed old beliefs and habits, just as fir and pine are shedding their dead needles.

I love Elizbeth’s frank words that cut through the old voices, expectations and fears. A feeling of aliveness is spreading through my body as my whole being comes alive when I break through the walls and follow that wild call into unknown territory. Just imagining the freedom to explore and create without any fears or holding back gives me tingles. Creativity, when it flows, is so exciting.

Lately on my walks the wild has been calling me to step off the known path and explore the places beyond the familiar. I discovered beautiful new bluffs as I scrambled up and down the coastline and through the forest following an inner voice and inner knowing. Often feeling lost but somehow trusting and each time surprised where it took me and how much this wild beauty touched my heart.

This little red Arbutus berry found in a nest of white lichen on one of those excursions seems such a vibrant symbol of what can be discovered when we step out of the known.


The red pearl is the beautiful seed from this magnificent coastal tree who sheds it’s bark to stand naked and vulnerable as the wind blows away all which is not true. For me the red pearl symbolizes what is waiting to be discovered both on the inside and outside. It is a symbol of hope and renewal and choosing to live a life of vibrant aliveness. It is the seed of creativity that is waiting for each of us to give it our full attention and unique expression.

As a young bald eagle glides effortlessly in a spiral over Reflection Cove, there is so much to be grateful for: the power of the wind, beauty, creativity, life and the “Big Magic” contained in one red pearl and in each of us