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The River Of Creation




Observing the month of May unfold with its bright greens, new blossoms appearing daily and the incredible vibrancy of so many birds adds to the awakening and liveliness all around. The sense of new beginnings fills the air, even if the temperatures still rise and fall, letting us know that trying to predict life and nature is impossible. So why even try!

Yet all is not unfolding as peacefully and harmoniously as the beauty around me suggests. The energy of the Scorpio Full Moon waxing, coming into its full power and now waning, undoubtedly has added to some of the intensity that I have been experiencing.

P1220986While walking out to the bluff the other day, I heard a lot of splashing in our little bay and to my dismay watched as an eagle repeatedly was diving down, attacking a beautiful small duck. I had been observing the little drake for a week or so as it has enchanted me with its peaceful presence. As I rushed to the water’s edge both birds were getting more and more tired, the eagle from repeatedly diving into the water and rising heavily with wet wings and the duck from diving under and barely getting its breath before the next attack. It seemed a matter of who would give up first. I have to admit I was breathing a big sigh of relief when the duck was able to fly away after the eagle retreated to a favourite treetop lookout.

To my surprise the brave little duck came back a couple of hours later, his mate joining him for an evening paddle on the water, before returning to sit on a nest hidden somewhere nearby. I still feel a bit of unease whenever I see one of the eagles sitting in the trees around the bay, especially when the tide is getting low and the drake is all alone on the water.

P1220952The ravens haven’t been happy with the eagles either. They are also nesting again this year after a two year break and their young ones have obviously hatched, according to the noise that goes on up there. My guess is that Mother or Father Raven is bringing some delightful morsel home for the young brood that causes this much noise and excitement. We know from experience that it will only get noisier as they get bigger and believe me, it is not the prettiest sound by far.

However, the raven parents gang up and chase any eagle bravely away if he comes a bit too close for comfort, which obviously benefits the ducks as well. Everyday I observe this kind of life and death drama unfold around me, holding my breath, knowing that every one needs to eat, but still it does not make it any easier to witness.


Making a video with the poem I recorded for the radio show, which I mentioned in my last post, was much more complicated than I had thought it would be. It was also a lot of fun to co-create and see where the river of creation would take this. In the end, all the effort, patience, persistence and surrendering to the process was all worth it, with every challenge an important piece of the creative unfoldment. All of it manifested a deep sense of fulfillment, joy and wonder, as the message of the poem and our love for Nature was guiding us and leading the way.

And now I am finally able to share it with you as promised and hope that this video and my reading of Mary Reynolds Thompson’s beautiful poem “Song Of A Wild Soul Woman” will speak to you and delight and awaken your senses and wild soul:

In response to Daily Prompt: Observe


Meeting Adjourned

dw-seagullI am sitting out on the bluff on this grey stormy day. The wind is impatiently turning my pages and at the same time cooling me as another hot flash spreads through my body to every cell, igniting something I have no name for.

Gentle raindrops awaken me to the need for creative expression and watering the dry spell of my inner landscape. All the while a seagull glides by and circles over me again and again, probably wondering what I am doing here on this wintery day.

My hot nettle tea is cooling in the thermos dotted with stars, that a dear sister gifted me on her visit in the summer. Where did the time go? It seemed not so long ago that we were lying here on this bluff in the hot sun after swimming in the cool waters sharing with each other those things that matter most in life. The raindrops remind me of her gentle nature and generous heart.

I felt called to the bluff today to write outside, letting Mother Earth speak while I listen carefully. Something new yet ancient is there on the edge of awareness. I can feel it in the movement of the wind and hear it in the waves that are crashing against the shoreline.


The seagull has settled not far from me on the little island near the bluff. It feels like we are the only ones here on this stormy day and jdw-duckust as I put these words on paper a little duck appears out of nowhere between the island and the bluff swimming by and is joined by a mate that is paddling around the island from the other side. I didn’t see Raven coming. But he is loudly announcing his arrival or perhaps the beginning of our meeting. He has much to say.

And yes, we are all listening!

Perhaps he called on the seal who silently emerges from the depth of the ocean to join our gathering. I am starting to wonder what this is all about as the wind pushes and pulls on the pages. I seem to be the one taking notes for this meeting.


I listen to the wind and watch the movement of the waves. I become aware of the ease of my breath coming in and going out. The inhaled air travels down deeply, spreading far and wide, just as the fire of the hot flash did before, creating more space inside of me. In this spaciousness I sense a deep surrendering to what is taking place here.

As the wind touches my face gently, I open to receive the love that is present in every raindrop, every wave, in the trees bending, gently giving movement to the wind’s urging. I sense the love in the nettle tea as I take a sip, offering it’s nourishment to my body and feel the rock’s solid support under me. dw-ravenRaven, duck, seagull and seal are all in agreement: Even though life is constantly shifting and changing, love is always present.

My hand glides over the page and words spread across each line in effortless motion, as I trust what will come, allowing myself to be the scribe.

Suddenly I look up from my page just in time to watch the ducks dive under and disappear in the moving sea while the seagull lifts effortlessly into the air. Seal is already gone and I wonder if the meeting is over. Raven answers: Yes, the meeting is adjourned!

I gather my things: the tea, pen, journal and the little pillow that saved me from getting wet while sitting on the rock and I make my way home to feed the fire and let Frodo (my dear old dog) know that all is well despite appearances.

~Photos by Dancing Wolf