Photo by Dancing Wolf

Elke Finley:

My story

Prompted by my intuition and a love of adventure, I left Germany while still a teenager to make my home in Canada. I moved often, experiencing many different communities and places of beauty in Canada, and raising two sons into strong, independent young men in the process.

The dream of living in a cabin in the woods, homesteading and creating a sanctuary for deep contemplation, also became a reality. Here I discovered my passion for self-development, my inner strength and my commitment to a Path of Love. I started to listen to my dreams, to nature, to synchronistic events and my heart’s promptings which eventually led me to Victoria for the next part of the journey.

After receiving two diplomas in counselling from the Vancouver College of Counsellor Training (VCCT) and 2 years of supervised practicum I began assisting others on their path through mentorship and counselling as well as Walk & Talk sessions in Nature.  I worked extensively with women in crisis, as well as adults with disabilities and the elderly, learning so much about love from everyone I came into contact with. My path also took me deeper on a spiritual path that led me to develop my coaching/counselling & vibrational alignment practice.

In 2015 life shifted again for me in a big way as the opportunity to live on beautiful Cortes Island presented itself. It had been my dream to return to the wilderness and live in Nature. The beauty of this place feeds my heart and soul. I am home. Yet I am also deeply respectful of the powerful spirit of Cortes. It is has shown me the inner and outer work I still have to do. Nature has always been my teacher and is certainly very much alive here on the island. Walking along the bluffs or swimming in the ocean or lake, writing, photography, ceremony, community, crafts and doing sessions with people are all things that fill my life with purpose and joy. It is the simple things like listening to the wind sing a powerful song and the gifts I discover in being present that help me continue to open on this path of Love.

My life’s journey is about drawing back the curtain to explore and grow, to let go of fear and choose love in order to discover the gifts that each experience holds as well as the gift I have to offer, to dance through life open-heartedly and trust my own inner guidance. Most of all it is simply about being.

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  1. counsellingstudent1

    I have had treatments from Elke, and both the work and the woman are nothing short of magical. In the first session, she was able to clearly articulate what seemed like a nebulous problem, and help me envision and clarify possible solutions. When I came back, she adapted to each session with a fresh perspective, offering a “tune up” as well as situation-specific techniques including dream analysis, dyad work and walk and talks. I am happy to act as a reference for Elke any time. I can be reached at 250-818-8349.

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