Christmas Spirit



Christmas has always been the holiday I have cherished the most and for me the Christmas Spirit is a celebration of love. As I grew older and moved to Canada, I sadly witnessed it becoming more and more commercialized over the years, with Christmas songs now being heard right after Halloween and shelves full Christmas decorations in the stores and streets.

Growing up in Germany my mother would make a wreath with four candles and we would light up first one, then two, then three on each Sunday before Christmas and all four candles were lit on Christmas Eve. In my family the Christmas tree was not put up and decorated till the day of the 24th of December. Not seeing the tree lit up in its magnificent beauty till after a special dinner, made this event always extra ordinary. The moment of entering our dark living room and seeing the Christmas tree fully lit was every time beautiful beyond words. There were gifts under it, yes, but it was always the tree and the lights, that stood out for me and embodied the Christmas Spirit in its green coat and smell of deep forest and lights that looked like candles. We honoured it with songs before we went closer to receive the gifts, often made with love for each other.

P1200759As I woke up yesterday morning on the 24th, realizing that there would be no Christmas tree this year, my heart sank till my gaze was drawn outside. The magnificent trees outside my window were beckoning and I got up and looked at the incredible view. Each and every one of those trees were holding out their long green-sleeved arms to me and I got it: they were offering me the Christmas Spirit from my childhood: it is living in all of them. Tears filled my eyes, as I quickly threw on my coat and stepped out into the delightful cold crisp winter air and said Hello to my green friends with a heart full of joy: I was home again!

P1200798In the evening as I sat alone in front of the fire, gazing at the beautiful altar and Christmas lights in the room, feeling the Christmas Spirit so deeply and love filled every room in my heart in the stillness of that holy night.

Stepping out that night in bare feet onto the cool white carpet, watching the snow gently falling, I stood there with those trees and told them how much I cherish them and their gift to me.


Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas!

And may the Christmas Spirit fill your heart with so much love and joy!


Daily Prompt: Cherish



4 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. Santa and Merry Claus

    We Loved Your Post Elke!!

    I remember your delight as a young girl at Christmas. My wife Merry brought you to my attention back then. She works with energy, we both do but I am more of a hands on guy. She intuits at a higher level and I remember, years ago, her saying how much joy she felt from you even at our home so very far from yours.

    We both feel gifted by your life long love for the true Spirit of Christmas.

    We also so appreciate your deep connection and love for nature and how your new found passion for sharing that so fluently with others helps raise the loving energy.

    I want to say more but, fortunately, there are other dear hearts like you to be thanking, now that our Christmas gifting is done. For all I do by hand….typing is still a challenge.

    Merry is whispering something..
    “Elke Dear, the way you Journey towards manifesting personal and planetary healing generates a crystal vortex that is then, like a large multi-faceted prism, able to refract the light of love and have it shine in many more hearts than you can imagine.”

    This Gift of yours we hold very dear to our ancient hearts..Thank You

    With Love

    Santa and Merry Claus

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