In The Heart Of The Fire


Just when I am ready to give up on this post, a journal entry not only brings it back to life, but totally changes it and adds a whole new level of excitement of writing and sharing. I’ve been meaning to write a blog post honouring Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanoes, ever since I arrived here at the Kulana Sanctuary and felt the first tremor shake my little cabin where I was sitting and writing.


Living only a few miles from the volcano, these tremors are a regular occurrence, and you can’t help but feel her tremendous power. I so loved the welcoming rainbows, the loud calls of hawks and many other magical moments, that gave me a feeling of being blessed by her and a reminder of my own power, whenever I went to visit and hike in the park.

I remember seeing a mysterious orange glow on our drive home from a sweet day of adventures at the Punalu’u Black Sand beach. My friend and I had stayed till after sunset and soon after we turned onto the highway heading home, we saw the glow in the distance. It was mesmerizing and mysterious and we decided spontaneously to take the exit to the National Park entrance, not knowing if it was open or not. To our delight it was open and we were told to drive up to the museum to get a closer look at this glowing wonder. We witnessed with deep awe and respect the spectacular orange, red, and yellow fire and steam rising from the Halema’uma’u Crater. It was stunning to see and to feel the aliveness of this volcano. It felt to me like the heart of Pele, pulsing and fiery with all of her tremendous force just beneath the surface.


Wanting to find a way to say “Thank you!” for her warm welcome and her teachings around passion and aliveness, this list felt like the perfect way to do just that, allowing myself to feel the excitement of what life is offering me and sharing it with others. There is such tremendous power when we locate and follow our highest excitement in life.

Our Lava Heart Rock – Photo by Ana Cristina

So here is my list of yesterday’s Highest Excitement as I wrote it down spontaneously in my journal last night bringing me so much joy:

  • My insight about my fears and sharing it with one of the women here and how these conditioned fears remind me of heavy luggage that I no longer wish to carry. Throwing it into Pele’s fire on the New Moon on Sunday seems like the perfect way of releasing it.
  • Listening to Mooji and reading Eckhart Tolle’s “Stillness Speaks”, bringing me back to just being
  • The lush green of the Irises that are spreading wildly on the path to the meditation spot and that I am replanting to give them more space
  • The amazing crescent moon shaped like a bowl surrounded by stars….the night sky here in Hawai’i is utterly breathtaking
  • A hot shower, my first in a month! Not luke, not cold, but hot….so heavenly!
  • Sitting on the deck of the new cabin I moved into, called lovingly “The Tree House” and writing in the sunshine…there is nothing sweeter than this.

I don’t know why but sharing this list makes me happy. What about you, what made you feel alive today?


The Tree House


2 thoughts on “In The Heart Of The Fire

  1. Laughing Butterfly

    What Made Me Happy Today……So Very Much Made Me Happy

    Thanks For Asking Elke……

    1) Waking up into this precious world today…… from a remarkably lovely sleep after a very long, 4 ferry, travel day away from home and back.
    2) Hearing some inspired appreciation, from a sweet neighbor, about my new radio show “From The Muses Garden”, that is such an ecstatic project for me, combining poetry and music.
    3) Playing pong pong, for the first time in 3 months with a dear friend who had woken up to the same moon you mentioned at 4:30 a.m. and was then guided to get up and enjoy her waning profundity. The joy of his sharing was a very sweet gift, even for me just listening.
    4) Selling a brake-less, old and rusty pickup truck, taking up, space for real money.
    5) Fine Tuning a brand new Fire Circle on our stunningly beautiful beach.
    6) Sitting on that same amazing beach, breathing in deeply the healing beauty, sacred silence and coming Winter.
    7) Shedding some more ancient angst in yet another full body cleanse in the very cold ocean here. Something profound going on with the Sea and I. I Sea You!!
    8) Getting on the bike right after that and warming up for twenty minutes, so good!!
    9) Completing a lovey poster for the Winter Solstice Celebration coming up here next week
    10) Talking with my troubled son who is seeing some real light after a long dark spell
    11) Reading your life affirming blog Elke. Another great post, a compelling combination of heart and mind with just the perfect embrace of Soul holding it all together. May your fear be far flung into the trans-formative fire with the invisible presence of the New Moon.

    All that delight and so much more unmentioned and it’s only 5:00 p.m.on the Wet Coast of Canada. So lots still to come as I finally start taming the Drama Dragon and putting all that energy into Love and Creation.

    The Light of the Love always illuminates both subtle and amazing gifts when you find yourself Drawing Back The Curtain

    Thanks Again Elke

    Laughing Butterfly

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