Even though


Even though it is raining here day after day or so it seems, spring is here and awakens me to fully be and participate in the great unfolding of life. I want to share with you on this grey morning a beautiful blessing by John O’Donohue.

Let us bless the imagination of the Earth.

That knew early the patience to harness the mind of time,

Waited for the seas to warm, ready to welcome the emergence

Of things dreaming of voyaging among the stillness of land…

Let us thank the Earth that offers ground for home

And holds our feet firm to walk in space open to infinite galaxies.

Let us salute the silence and certainty of mountains:

Their sublime stillness, their dream-filled hearts.

The wonder of a garden trusting the first warmth of spring…

The humility of the Earth that transfigures all that has fallen of outlived growth.

The kindness of the Earth, opening to receive

our worn forms into the final stillness.

Let us ask forgiveness of the Earth

For all our sins against her:

for our violence and poisonings of her beauty.

Let us remember within us the ancient clay, holding the memory of seasons,

The passion of the wind, the fluency of water, the warmth of fire,

The quiver-touch of the sun and shadowed sureness of the moon.

That we may awaken to live to the full the dream of the Earth

Who chose us to emerge and incarnate its hidden night in mind, spirit and light.


2 thoughts on “Even though

  1. tolleyellingson

    Lovely words on another 1/2 rainy day. It always amazes me to see the bulbs come up, even through cold snow back on the prairies, and the trees bloom gloriously here. It seems true that rain is liquid sunshine. We just have to lean more to that thought and want real sunshine less. It will happen. I read a quote that said winter has never not turned to spring. [Sorry, don’t remember author.]

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  2. drawingbackthecurtain Post author

    Beautiful thoughts! Thanks for sharing! There certainly is so much beauty in it all. I love walking through the forest where everything is glistening from the rain. Sometimes however I do crave the sunshine and I am happy to say it is shining on me right now. Much love!



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