Heart Journey



Heart Rock on Hawaii – photo by Elke

I have decided to do something different today. Instead of thinking about an idea for a new blog post and then letting my mind take the lead I close my eyes, put my hand on my heart and tune in, asking my heart  “what should I write about today?” For a moment there is stillness, then I receive the words: “The heart knows!”

As I sit with that in wonder, I return my focus on my heart and feel a joyful response inside, a tingling, an opening. It is a familiar feeling. Over the years my focus has become more and more on my heart and letting it guide me. I remember years ago starting to ask myself “What would love do here?” when I didn’t know how to respond to a situation or I felt stuck. The moment I asked the question I knew that I didn’t want to respond in my usual way anymore, which often led me to more separation and clearly not what I wanted. The answer to the question “What would love do or say now?” was always readily available, but was often met with much resistance. It usually involved me having to do or say something that was hard for me to do and showing my vulnerability. But those times I was able to do that, I was always so glad, that I did. At some point I recognized that I was choosing to be on a path of love. And little signs along the way confirmed I was on the right path for me. These signs are everywhere like in the bottom of my tea cup or finding a perfect heart shape on the inside of the lid when I opened a yoghurt container. I love these delightful surprises.


Surprise! – photo by Elke

Life has led me to different experiences, different relationships, different places to live. Now looking back I see how all of these experiences have taught me so much about love, about opening my heart, listening to others with compassion and giving and receiving love much more freely and openly. Slowly but surely I learned to love what I had feared or had been so uncomfortable with. As I immersed myself in work with people that I would have previously avoided like people who are homeless, the mentally ill, the ones addicted to drugs, I felt myself change. My heart felt like it was expanding. But really I was just learning to open my heart little by little. Another profound heart opening experience was working with people with severe disabilities. It is such a joy to let go of awkwardness and fear and open up to the kind of  connection that is possible with an open heart.

Yes, my heart has led me to just the right places and people. It showed me where I needed to open my heart and brought me just the right situations to break through fears and conditioning. The more I opened my heart, the more love came into my life and still does. And the most beautiful thing that I learned is that I can trust my heart. It truly does know!


Seeds of Love – photo by Elke



12 thoughts on “Heart Journey

  1. michelle venne

    Dear Elke, Thank you for this awesome sharing. It’s been a beautiful reminder for me as well, today. I’ve been feeling this heart ache the last few days, wondering about love and this heart journey I continue to follow, and realized that the ache has probably been my heart thinking that it has to start closing down and protecting itself. But then I realized that it’s not my heart but my mind thinking that! My heart is the one who trusts love, over and over again. That is what love would do. It would trust itself, even when the mind wants to doubt. And love would remember that it’s love running the show, regardless of what happens. Feels good to remember that. And I like your hearts! xoxoxo


    1. drawingbackthecurtain Post author

      Thanks, Kristina! I agree that it is not possible to be rational or reasonable with our emotions. That’s what the mind does. Emotions point out how we feel about something and the underlying beliefs that trigger the emotions. I am talking about the wisdom of your heart, a much more neutral place where only love exists, not fear. Might even write another blog about this.:-)

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  2. ShutterbugWandering&WritingtoInfinity

    Wow I am so glad I came across your blog. I have made some tough decisions the past year listening to my heart…. I feel like I am on a road less travelled but over the 1.5 years I have been happy and peaceful. Because I have been doing things that bring me peace. The journey within has been so helpful and I feel life is a miracle truly.



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